How To Use A Golf Laser Rangefinder

One of the ways to improve your golf game is to use a rangefinder. There are a number of types of yardage finder available with the laser rangefinder being one of them. The problem is that many people who have one of these rangefinders do not know how to use them. If you are one of these people, there are some tips that you can use to help with this.


1. Know The Purpose Of The Rangefinder

To better understand how to use the rangefinder, you need to understand the purpose of using the device. There are several reasons why you might want to use a rangefinder from determining the location of hazards to the distance to the flagstick. Knowing what the purpose of the rangefinder is will help you practice using it.

Once you know the purpose, you can practice with this in mind. When you do this, you will ensure that you are able to use the device when you need it. After all, using it for tees will be different when getting the distance to the greens.

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2. Make Use Of Video Tutorials

When it comes to learning how to use your laser rangefinder, video tutorials are one of the best options available to you. There are many video platforms and websites that offer these videos. These lessons can be used by amateur as well as professional rangefinder users.

The amount of information you get from the videos will vary depending on the video. Some tutorials will offer in-depth knowledge about the type of distance finder that you have. Others will provide tips for the use of the rangefinder that you would not be able to get otherwise.

If there are certain aspects of your rangefinder that you have difficulties with, you need to look for videos that cover this. Some video tutorials will show you how to complete certain activities only while others will focus on certain features. It is recommended that you look for a video tutorial that uses the type of laser rangefinder that you have.

3. Try Out Different Techniques

There are a number of technology features that combine to make your laser rangefinder. This means that you need to use different techniques to use all the features on offer. Trying the different techniques before you hit the green is important to ensure that you can properly use the device when you need to.

To test out the different techniques, you should start with the ranging button. You should also focus on the reticle in the display and the possibility of reaching a bunker. When you adjust the ranging button, you will reduce the errors you face when viewing the hills and bunkers through the rangefinder.

4. Start With Large Targets

Before you use the rangefinder in a game, you need to practice. When you are training, you will need to start with large objects. These targets should be between 50 and 100 yards from your current location.

The subject that you use could be a house or a fence that you can easily track. It will help you get used to using the rangefinder and tracking targets. Once you are confident with these large targets, you can move on to smaller targets and lastly to ones that you will encounter on the golf course.

5. Practice On The Flags

Once you feel comfortable with your rangefinder, you need to start practising on flags. These are small items which are harder to track with the laser rangefinder than a bunker or the green. When you start practising, you should stand fairly close to the flag.

You can then move further away from the flag and practice finding the distance. When you are practising with pins, you should focus the rangefinder on the flag. This will make it easier for you to view the pin with your rangefinder.

6. Know Your Location

While it is important to know how to use your rangefinder, you should never rely on this alone. These devices are meant to help you, but if you do not know your location, they can cause more problems. An example of this will be the rangefinder reading 98 yards on the five yards before the 150 markers.

In this instance, you might not have tracked with the device correctly. Using the distance, its data will not place you where you want to be. Knowing your location on the course and then checking with the device is the best solution. If you feel that your device is not providing the right distance, you need to target with it a second time.

There are many benefits to using a laser rangefinder, but you need to use it correctly to get these benefits. The most important thing is to practice with the device. When you do this, you should have the purpose of the device in mind as this is how you will use it during a game.

2018 Leading Golf Rangefinders

Everyone knows that distance is one of the most essential components in golf. Many golfers have a keen eye to add up the distance on a course, however, it is just an educated guess. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons that golf rangefinders were invented. Golf rangefinders help assist golfers to obtain a more accurate distance measurement. Below is a short guideline of the top leading golf rangefinders that are on the market in 2018.


1. Nikon Golf Laser Rangefinder

With a magnification of six times to create a sharp and precise image for a golfer, the Nikon allows a user to have a measurable advantage on the field. A few of the products highlights are the following:

• Range up to 550 yards
• Uninterrupted Scanning
• Only Nine Centimeters Long
• Remarkable Accuracy
• Lightweight & Very Portable
• Weatherproof

2. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

This amazing rangefinder has made it to the top charts because of the exceptional new aged optic technology. To top that off this amazing product has mobile capabilities that make the use of the rangefinder simple and proficient. A few of the product highlights are the following:

• Can Measure Target Holes Fast
• Added Jolting Technology To Help Golfers Gain Assurance
• New Aged Optic Technology
• Includes A Mobile App To Assist Golfers With More Proficiency And Accuracy

3. Precision Pro NX7

The NX7 has accomplished many golfers’ dreams and accuracy since it first came out on the market. This is one of the more inexpensive rangefinders, allowing similar high-end technology to be obtained by those looking for a cost-effective product. Some of the products highlights are the following:

• Cost-Effective For Budget Friendly Buyers
• Six Times Magnification
• Portable and Lightweight
• Durable For Many Types Of Terrains
• Reliable And Dependable Readings

4. Golf Buddies Rangefinders

This company has made an impression on the rangefinders market in 2018. With their consistent improvements to each of their products, you can only expect to see greatness come for any of their products. One of the best rangefinders in 2018 that they have provided is the LR5. With its pinpoint accuracy and stable readings, this rangefinder also is a budget-friendly device. Some of the products highlights are the following:

• Strong Magnification For Long Ranged Targets
• Competitive & Cost-Effective Price
• Allows User To Manipulate The Slope Functions
• Will Notify Users With Jolting Feature When Targets Are Secured

5. VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

If a golfer needs to find a rangefinder with measurements and distances up to 550 yards, then this product would be an ideal choice. With a more modern design and technology that is high class, this rangefinder is one of the best in 2018. It is lightweight, durable, accurate, and offers many different modes of use. Some of the products highlights are the following:

• Multiple Mode Usage Such As Distance Urgency, Scanning, & Target Importance
• Pinpoint Accuracy
• Sleek And Modern Design
• Cost-Effective

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when looking for a rangefinder that has been in the top charts of 2018, the few mentioned above are ones of the best on the market. A few qualities to look for in a rangefinder would be distance measurements, portability, modern and up to date optic technology, durability, and budget in a friendly way. With all of these in mind, the products mentioned above have made the list of the best ones to choose from in 2018. Therefore, take time to investigate which one would be the best option for your play style, and see how much of a difference your gaming ability will increase.

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